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Wits End Kennels Boarding Services
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Kennel Block

Our kennel block is a brick and block building, meeting all Local Council high specification building regulations, with its own kitchen/utility room which is kept scrupulously clean (see photo, right). There is a main gated security corridor, with single and double 'rooms' leading off.


Dogs have their own individual private room, or double room for 'families'. Each room is self contained for its occupant/s, with comfortable raised beds and bedding provided, and overhead heat lamp for extra 'cosiness'. This is individually controlled for each room, so temperatures can suit each dog. Walls are painted white, with red insulated and sealed floor.


From this room, each dog has access to it's own fully enclosed private 'patio' area via a hatchway, which is covered over by ultra-violet inhibiting sheeting material. This ensures that whatever the weather, the dog can go out in complete comfort and safety.


Kennel block Kennel


We offer your pet a clean and healthy environment, and are meticulous in the daily cleaning of his/ her temporary home. Rooms, bedding, patio areas, bowls, feed preparation areas etc are kept clean and maintained to high standards. Dogs suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from any infectious or contagious disease cannot be accepted for obvious reasons.



We use Wagg complete meals as the dry food option, and we offer tinned meat for dogs that normally have it. If you feel your dog is 'tickle stomached', and a change of diet may upset him/her, or if your dog is on a Special Diet, you are welcome to provide your own food, clearly labelled for your dog. We will adhere strictly to your instructions. If your dog is on medication we are more than happy to cater for their needs, just let us have your full Instructions.


Love and Care

We also aim to offer regular stimulation and contact to your much loved friend during the course of each day, with plenty of special TLC. We have music playing constantly in the main corridor to help relax the dogs, and give them background familiar sounds. With daily regular feeding times, exercising/ play times, grooming times, checking and bedding down times your dog will have frequent human contact, interaction and stimulation which not only ensures the physical well being of your dog, but also the mental well being. We love ALL dogs, and do our best to cater for all their individual needs and to ensure each pet remains happy during their entire stay with us. We have a vast amount of toys and treats again to cater for all needs.



Freedom of Movement, Exercise and Walks

All rooms have hatches which connect the inside with the covered and secure outside individual patio areas. This allows the dog plenty of freedom of movement during the course of the day.


Security is always a priority, and a secure safety corridor runs the full length to the rear of the patio areas.


The design of the kennel block ensures that dogs can go in or out at their leisure, whilst owners may relax in the knowledge that neither harsh sun, nor cold winds, rain etc will interfere with their loved ones playtimes, leisure or comfort.


paddock play



We walk, play and interact with your dog in one of our secure paddocks, or on a lane walk. In addition, lead walking, or off lead ball-play (for dogs that are suitable) in the paddocks is undertaken morning and evening for exercise.




paddock walk


Additional training is also on offer if requested, which is in addition to exercise periods. Each dog has different needs, and we will discuss this with you. If your dog is on restricted exercise for any reason, that is no problem either.



We have a separate room for grooming, with specialist equipment. Daily grooming is part of the routine, unless otherwise requested.


If you want us to bath and dry your dog for you on the last day (or even clip their nails), that is an optional extra. We use non-allergenic products, but do inform us if you have special requirements. See our Groom Room leaflet for more details and prices.


Door to Door Service

For your convenience, and to save you time and heartache, we offer a door to door collection and delivery service to areas within a 30 min driving radius. The majority of dogs settle much better if they are not left watching the door that the owner has just left by! Our vans are ex Customs and Excise dog vans, so are custom built with the safety, security, hygiene and comfort of your dog in mind.

To arrange a visit to our kennels, please call us today on 01905 821686 or email

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